ICT Policy and Civil Society Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: 6-8 November, 2002


The workshop duration runs from Wednesday the 6th November morning to Sunday the 10th November. The main meeting of civil society organizations begins on 6th morning until the 8th in the afternoon, followed by a two day training course on ICT policy for civil society (from 8th in the afternoon to 10th November morning).

A detailed agenda will be available shortly.

About the Training Course:

This is a two day pilot training course on ICT policy for civil society to enable them to understand and engage in the ICT policy decisions that impact on their work. APC is offering training to a smaller group focused on the concepts and materials in a plain-language guide that will provide a general overview to ICT technology industry/economic and policy issues with a focus on civil society activities and engagement on policy.

This will be a pilot running of the draft course and we would value comments on the materials for future development. We will also be seeking partners who could help us develop the course, and deliver the training course elsewhere in Africa.

There are limited places for this training course and interested civil society organizational will be required to apply separately for attendance to this course.

Contact and enquiries to Dr. Peter Benjamin at peterb@apc.org or Emmanuel Njenga Njuguna at njenga@apc.org with the following details:

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Your level of ICT knowledge (Insert X where relevant)

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