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Africa Civil Society Prepcom Briefing

08/24/2005 (APC) -- The WSIS PrepCom III of Phase II of the WSIS – will take place from September 19-30 and will be the last meeting for negotiation of the final Tunis documents. The following document that outlines briefly the documents that will be negotiated, how they will be negotiated, and different opportunities for lobbying and the timetable for negotiations for PrepCom III.


1. What will happen during the PrepCom? 2

2. How will these documents be negotiated? 2
a. In writing prior to prepcom: 2
b. Contributing to the final meetings of the Group of the Friends of the Chair 2
c. During PrepCom 2

3. Civil Society Access to Sub-Committee, governments and drafting groups 3

4. Civil Society spaces and orientation 3
a. Civil Society Orientation 3
b. Civil Society Plenary 3
c. Civil Society Content and Themes Group 3
d. Civil Society Working Groups and Caucuses 4
e. About the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus 4
f. Side-events 4

5. Further information on the documents for PrepCom III and how they relate to one another? 5
a. The Political Chapeau 5
b. The ‘Operational Part’ 5
c: The Stocktaking report 6

TABLE: Summary of Documents for PrepCom III, who/when text will be negotiated and suggested Lobbying points/strategies 7

Date: 08/24/2005
Source: APC

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