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World Youth Development and ICT (WYDI 2005) Conference (Aug 11-12 2005)

06/20/2005 (WYDI 2005) -- Introduction:

Believing that the youth is the repository of strength, talent and idealism, who will play vital and strategic roles in the advancement and progress of a nation, the WYDI 2005 , in partnership with:

OneVillage Foundation Tanzania(Leading Organizer)

o OneVillage Foundation Tanzania (www.onevillagefoundation.org ) (Leading Organizer),

o Bangladesh Youth Forum on ICT (www.byfbd.tk ) (Co-Organizer)

and several other organizations will be hosting the The 1st World Youth, Development and ICT (WYDI 2005) Conference with theme Young People Creating a Global Culture on 11th-14th August 2005. , Arusha-Tanzania.

The said summit cum cultural immersion aims to launch a comprehensive campaign for youth empowerment and cultural understanding between and among nationalities. The summit cum cultural immersion shall be a gathering of the youth around the globe to discuss critical and timely issues in their country while forging friendships and bridging cultural understanding through their interaction. This event will also provide these young people of different backgrounds and orientations a common ground to exchange ideas and interact on specific issues affecting the global community thus creating a global culture to which they can substantially identify.

Main Objectives of the Conference are as follows:
• Promote intercultural education as factor for youth empowerment
• Establish sustainable partnerships among youth organizations around the globe
• To create youth awareness on self-development and employment
• Highlight the imperative of cultural development and preservation in the evolving global order
• Increase youth participation in the preservation and protection of Environments for sustainable Development
• Establish youth awareness on HIV/AIDS and create new techniques in educating the rest of the community.
• Increase youth participation in the community development, Governance and peace movement.
• To increase youth awareness on the role of ICTs for Development
• To make youth to be aware about NEPAD and to recognize their role in successful implementation of NEPAD.

Expected Conference Outputs:
• Creation of a Global Culture to which the youth can substantially identify
• Signing of an WYDI Declaration
• Creation of the WYDI International Secretariat
• Declaration of the next host for the 2006 WYDI
• Creation of a Global Peace to which the youth can participate in community development and promoting good governance and health • Increase youth awareness for Holistic ICT development for Eco-Living

Conference Participants:
• Youth Delegates age 18-34 from around the world and of diverse social, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds
• Youth organizations, Local and international organizations, Government ministries, Religions groups and organizations, e.t.c.

Date: 06/20/2005
Source: WYDI 2005

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