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While policies and strategies must address the extension of the communications infrastructure through telecommunications reform to stimulate private sector growth and create job opportunities, this is a necessary but by no means sufficient condition for an effective ICT contribution to national development goals. ICT policy and strategies must also incorporate social goals by building human capacity and creating the conditions for the development of relevant applications and content.

ICT policies and strategies have to do with education, health, agriculture, culture and all other areas of activity that impact on quality of life. They can be integrated into sectoral as well as broad national policies and strategies; for example countries may commit to introducing ICTs into schools in order to expand educational opportunities and increase the supply of ICT-literate graduates; they may extend internet access to rural clinics to improve the delivery of health services. As the use of the internet expands within countries a host of specific issues emerge: privacy and security, intellectual property rights, access to government information are examples. statistics_theme_top_text

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