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South Africa: Neotel to scoop bandwidth boon
Access to internet highlighted by new global report
South Africa: National broadcast slammed again
South Africa: Acces boom full steam ahead
South Africa: Corporate governance and ICTs

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Social networks: Activists move in...
Telkom competitors now have licences, but will they compete?
South Africa: Life after Vodacom



 South Africa: Neotel to scoop bandwidth boon
18/03/2009 (Mybroadband.co.za) -- The country's second national operator, Neotel, has become the anchor tenant on the broadband marine cable Seacom. The fledgling operator is now poised to deliver vast quantities of cheaper bandwidth to South Africa. |

 Access to internet highlighted by new global report
12/03/2009 (APC) -- How do we ensure access to the internet is a human right enjoyed by everyone? This is one of the critical questions asked by an annual publication that highlights the importance of people’s access to ICT infrastructure – and where and how countries are getting it right or wrong, and what can be done about it. |

 South Africa: National broadcast slammed again
11/03/2009 (Mybroadband.co.za) -- THE SABC has again been criticised in a report on corporate governance prepared by Deloitte & Touche for Communications Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri. The report says there is a lack of accountability at the broadcaster. |

 South Africa: Acces boom full steam ahead
11/03/2009 (Mybroadband.co.za) -- South Africa is set for an access boom. That's according to industry analysts who suggest that last year’s court case between the Department of Communications and Altech, which allowed local network operators and smaller businesses to roll out their own networks, combined with the imminent landing of the SEACOM sub-marine cable on South Africa’s East Coast has set the scene for a major shift in the local access landscape. |

 South Africa: Corporate governance and ICTs
11/03/2009 (Mybroadband.co.za) -- A draft of the Third King Report on Corporate Governance (King III) has been released for public comment. Unlike previous reports, King III deals with ICT governance in detail for the first time. However, some lawyers are not impressed. |

 South Africa: Icasa delays mobile TV policy
26/02/2009 (MyBroadband.co.za) -- The Independent Communications Authority (Icasa) unexpectedly withdrew an invitation to apply for mobile TV licences recently. |

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 Social networks: Activists move in...
06/03/2009 -- Facebook is not just a way to get back in touch with old classmates from school or see what your “friends” are up to. Activists around the world are taking advantage of this new virtual space to expand their reach and establish more immediate and interactive contact with individuals and organisations from an ever wider range of backgrounds. ITeM, an APC member in Uruguay, talked with APCNoticias about how it is using this web-based tool, and shared some practical advice for others who are experimenting with social networks and other Web 2.0 tools. |

 Telkom competitors now have licences, but will they compete?
03/03/2009 -- After months of legal wrangling and delays, over 400 value added network service providers (VANS) now have electronic communications network service licences in hand. This means these companies have virtually the same rights as incumbent Telkom: they can build networks as they choose. The irony is that VANS effectively now have the same rights as Neotel, which paid R100m for its licence. But will they compete? |

 South Africa: Life after Vodacom
03/03/2009 -- What does the future hold for Telkom once it sheds its stake in Vodacom? Business Day's Leslie Stones investigates. |

 Survey of e-learning in Africa
03/03/2009 -- According to this 10-page report, e-learning is in its infancy in Africa; but the evidence suggests that there is nevertheless considerable enthusiasm for the potential that it offers across the educational spectrum, not only for universities and schools, but also for vocational training, for lifelong learning, and for marginalised groups such as street children and those with disabilities. |

 South Africa: Building rural legal capacity through ICTs
03/03/2009 -- APC members have been preaching the importance of bundling capacity building with technology projects for a long time. Last year, Ungana-Afrika demonstrated the value of this approach in their work in rural South Africa with under-resourced paralegal advice offices just getting connected to the internet for the first time. |

 Extent of online threat to children disputed
16/01/2009 -- A task force created by 49 US state attorneys general to look into the problem of sexual solicitation of children online has concluded that there really is not a significant problem. The findings run counter to popular perceptions of online dangers as reinforced by depictions in the media. |

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