The APC Hafkin Prize, 2002

The Theme for the 2002 Hafkin Prize is:

"People-Centred ICT Policy in Africa"

Eligibility Criteria

APC's objective is to recognize African ICT efforts, and to extract some of the lessons learned in order to make them accessible to others doing related work.

Nominations relating to the "People-Centred ICT Policy in Africa" theme will be judged by our African jury according to these 4 main criteria:

1. People-Centred and Mobilises Participation

- demonstrates an understanding and critical analysis of the relationship between ICT policy and communities on the ground

- demonstrates an equal opportunity for participation by the community, regardless of race, sex, religion or political persuasion

- demonstrates commitment to, and mobilizes resources for community participation (e.g., subsidies for people to attend events) - operates in relevant languages

- operates in a transparent manner

2. Raises Awareness and Builds Capacity

- produces educational material that explains the policy issues in a way that is meaningful to laypeople

- organizes workshops or other capacity-building events to strengthen community participation and engagement in ICT policy issues

- utilizes ICTs, especially the Internet, to disseminate information about the initiative itself and to document its work

3. Africa Driven and Developing Africa

- developed and implemented from within Africa, and by people and institutions that are based in Africa

- can be local (community-based), national, regional or pan-African

4. Positive Community Impact

- demonstrates outcomes that strengthen African culture, peace, social and economic development, human and environmental rights, and/or participatory and transparent governance

Nomination forms will be available here soon. Check this space!